Crypto PayGate API


Start accepting crypto just like you accept traditional currencies — add crypto to your checkout page, platform or application.

How to accept crypto payments for deposits and withdrawals? 
One approach is to partner with a regulated cryptocurrency payment provider like INXY Payments. By integrating your system with their API, you gain access to an admin panel where you can manage transactions, generate invoices, and select the target currency for conversion.

With INXY Payments, you can choose from a wide range of coins and tokens, and all incoming crypto payments will be automatically converted into your chosen stablecoins or fiat currency, such as Euro. Settlements are made to your bank account the following day, eliminating the need to handle cryptocurrencies directly.

This approach ensures regulatory compliance and transparency. You can confidently inform regulators and banks that you work with a regulated cryptocurrency payment provider, and you don't handle cryptocurrencies directly. INXY Payments employs various tools, including Crystal and compliance checks, to prevent illicit transactions and report any suspicious activity.

Additionally, INXY Payments maintains a list of sanction addresses and blocks funds from such addresses, only releasing them upon receiving authorization from authorities. This system offers a high level of security against money laundering.

Contrary to the belief that fiat money poses a lower risk for anti-money laundering (AML) compared to cryptocurrencies, it's not accurate. Cryptocurrencies offer a high level of transparency, allowing for the monitoring of every transaction, address, amount, and timing. In fact, crypto transactions are more transparent.