Redacted VPN

Get a 100% Private and Anonymous VPN. No Logs. Unlimited Bandwidth. No KYC!

About Redacted VPN

We are a small company based in Japan, we are new to the scene but eager to impress and hold strong to our values.
We've worked hard to get a solid, secure and 100% private system working for the privacy conscious.

Our Ethos
We believe nobody is truly free until they have privacy, especially in this age of the internet where mass surveillance is commonplace. Protect your identity, browsing data and access content that is blocked or censored in your country.
Nobody should be able to censor or control the flow of ideas and information. Not even the governments.

We Value Your Privacy. We do not and will never record logs, store customer information or request details about you when you are purchasing a VPN membership from us.
We only require an email address to send you the login details for the VPN, feel free to use one that is disposable after saving your login information!
The email address will never be used for marketing or shared.