Real Estate
0, a platform that automates every piece of the rental process from search to contract signing, has been changing how Canadians rent since launch in 2018. With the help of AI algorithms that match tenants to landlords and cloud storage solutions — everything can be done online or in-app in a completely digital (and contactless for a COVID-19 world) way.

A first-of-its-kind in Canada, has added Bitcoin as a form of payment on their rental platform, allowing tenants to pay their rent with cryptocurrency while their landlord receives flat currency., which also supports newcomers by assisting them to secure a home in Canada prior to arrival, hopes that BTC’s borderless transactions will alleviate the financial barriers that come with renting your first Canadian home. Additionally, the new payment by BTC option is more affordable than a traditional wire transfer method. 

By facilitating rental payments made in BTC, is offering a bridge between the world of cryptocurrency and the rental industry, which has been typically slower to change and adapt to new technologies. For those who envision a world with completely decentralized financial systems, this is renting without borders.